Is OptiMINDzation Right For You?

| Monday, August 17, 2009

Although a lot of brain entrainment programs sound promising, you should always review everything you plan to buy and see if it is the one for you. In the case of OptiMINDzation, issues of time and commitment would negatively affect how well it works. This article will help you decide if OptiMINDzation is right for you.

Time is the first aspect you have to consider. Is it possible for you to put out at least 20 minutes a day with this product? 20 minutes is the efficient amount of time it takes for OptiMINDzation to get your brain OptiMINDzation. Setting aside this much time a day really shouldn't be too impossible. I'm pretty sure everybody has at LEAST 20 minutes a day of free time unless they're a busy monster. While setting aside a little free time won't be the toughest thing to do, using the product consistently may be.

If you expect continued results with OptiMINDzation, you are going to have to use it regularly. Some users want reap the benefits of the product and have their brain operating at an optimal level all the time. Some are just looking for a mental boost here and there. OptiMINDzation customers confess that if they want to be focused all the time, they have to spend time using the program daily.

As you can see, what it all comes down to is how much you want out of OptiMINDzation. If you want the full effects, you just have to stop and ask yourself if you are willing to spend 20 minutes daily with this product. If you can answer yes to that question, you can expect to receive all of the claimed benefits. If your answer is no, then you can't expect the program to be as effective.

Therefore, if you set realistic expectations, you will be satisfied. Whether you decide to use OptiMINDzation or another brain entrainment program, know what you're getting into. That is what makes the biggest difference in the end.

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OptiMINDzation Compared To Other Brain Entrainment Programs

| Sunday, August 16, 2009

Warning: educational lesson ahead =)

For starters, what is brainwave entrainment and how does it work? Brainwave entrainment is also known as brainwave synchronization. Basically, the speed of your brainwaves becomes synchronized with a stimulus. In this case, the stimuli are the sounds provided by OptiMINDzation. The mind has a different mental state at each different brainwave speed. Now you see how brainwave entrainment can put you in a desired state of mind.

All brainwave entrainment products claim to achieve a common goal. So how can we decide which product is better? One deciding factor is the way the product alters brainwaves. How does OptiMINDzation’s method fare against other products?

There are typically two ways to alter brainwaves: with binaural beats and isochronic tones. Almost all brainwave entrainment products use binaural beats. With binaural beats, a slightly different tone is presented into each ear. The tones then combine in the brain to form a beat. The more modern way to alter brainwaves is with isochronic tones. Isochronic entrainment uses a single tone that turns on and off in a precise pattern. Studies have found that binaural beats are not as effective as isochronic tones due to the way brain processes the beats.

OptiMINDzation uses isochronic tones to sync our brains, supposedly making it one of the most effective entrainment programs available today. Today's most modern sciences are said to have been incorporated into the product.

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How Can OptiMINDzation Unlock Your Potential?

| Saturday, August 15, 2009

OptiMINDzation claims to be able to help you advance in your career, solve personal problems, boost efficiency, and even make you smarter. But how can a 12 set CD program enable you to improve your life? I couldn't help but wonder how one could unlock his/her true potential using the popular brainwave entrainment program. After careful research, I found the answer to lie within exercising your brain into a state of mental clarity and focus.

This state of mind achieved with OptiMINDzation can be compared to a sports athlete being in "the zone." When in this state of mind, you are focused, confident, and relaxed. You operate at total efficiency. Being in this state of mind could benefit your lifestyle by allowing you to make better decisions, take better advantage of opportunities, and possibly better fulfill your goals. Users of this product have said to feel an entire day of laser focus after only 20 minutes of usage, and were able to tackle action plans and make an initiative in their life.

So, can you unlock your potential with OptiMINDzation? It's likely. The features of the product allow you to have a more efficient lifestyle and in turn can definitely help you live up to your potential.

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